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About Player Modes

Like other RPG games, there are various modes/classes that modify your playstyle and provide you with bonus perks. In Sig's Minecraft, you will have the ability to choose any mode type you would like that suits your playstyle, or has perks that interest you.

Player Modes can be identified in-game by looking at their name color, and symbol next to their name. Playermode.png


Playstyle The default mode players start in. Adventurers are versatile and do not fall easily. Adventurer mode is best used when you plan on travelling and do not want to be involved with combat too often.
Requirements Just do not meet the requirements of any other mode and you will be considered an Adventurer.
  • Adventurers gain +10 Health.
  • Adventurers gain +20% Damage Reduction.
  • Adventurers gain +50% Health Regeneration.
  • If an Adventurer dies, their Buy-back prices are 50% cheaper.
  • Adventurers don't get tired as quickly while performing light activities.
Color Symbol: (A) Difficulty: Easy


Playstyle The sword-wielding class that provides very high damage output, but is not very defensive. Strikers prefer to out-maneuver and quickly take down their opponents before they can die themselves.
Requirements Wield a sword in the main hand with no item in the off-hand.
  • 10% Damage Increase
  • 20% Critical Strike Chance
  • Getting hit increases Speed by 1 Level for 5 seconds. Stacks up to Speed V.
  • Swinging your weapon stops nearby flying arrows. Each arrow deflected grants you a Strength buff.
  • Strikers gain 20% Dodge Chance while moving.
  • Hitting a target when they have not noticed you yet does x3 normal damage.
  • Active Ability - Line Drive: Press the drop key to perform a line drive. Enemies you charge through take x1-x5 damage, based on target's missing health. This costs 5% of your durability (Unbreaking decreases this amount.) Line Drive cooldown resets on kills.
Color Symbol: (S) Difficulty: Easy


Playstyle The bow-wielding class that provides the player with mobility and ranged combat. Enemies will never be able to touch you; even when close, they will not be able to harm you due to your dodge and kiting ability.
Requirements Hold a bow/arrow quiver and wear leather armor (or no armor).
  • Left-clicking mobs will cause them to be knocked back extremely far.
  • Base Arrow Damage increased from x2 to x4.
  • You gain 40% Dodge Chance in Ranger Mode.
  • You have immunity to Thorns damage while in Ranger Mode.
  • Active Stance Swap: Rangers have the ability to swap Ranger modes by Shift+Left-clicking. There are three different ranger modes.
    • Close Range
      • You gain the ability to deal headshots from any distance, even directly onto an enemy's face.
      • Each kill made in this mode gives you 100% dodge chance for the next hit taken.
      • Active Ability - Tumble: You can tumble and gain invulnerability for 1 second by pressing the drop key. Sneak while pressing the key to tumble backwards. 5 second cooldown
    • Sniping
      • Headshot collision area increases by x3.
      • Headshots will deal an extra x0.25 damage for each headshot landed, up to a cap of 8 stacks.
      • Each stack also increases your Slowness level by 1.
      • You lose 10% dodge chance per Slowness stack, but gain one Resistance level and 10% critical strike chance per Slowness stack.
      • Arrows are lightning-fast in Sniping Mode.
      • Active Ability - Arrow Barrage: Press the drop key in Sniping Mode to unleash 26 piercing arrows rapidly against your enemies. 120 second cooldown
    • Debilitation
      • Adds a stack of Poison when hitting non-poisoned targets (20 second duration).
      • Hitting mobs in this mode refreshes the duration of the poison stacks.
      • Headshots made in this mode will increase the level of Poison on the mob, making the mob more and more vulnerable.
      • Headshots also removes one level of a buff (does not affect debuffs) applied to the mob at random.
      • Active Ability - Siphon: Press the drop key in Debilitation Mode when at least 1 poisoned target is nearby. Deals (Poison Level x 10) True Damage and Slows all targets the same level as the number of poison stacks applied to nearby targets for 15 seconds, additionally granting 4 Absorption health (2 hearts) to the Ranger per poison stack. Refreshes Poison duration on all nearby poisoned targets. 35 second cooldown
Color Symbol: (R) Difficulty: Medium


Playstyle The strong and defensive tank class of the server. Defenders provide the ability to distract enemies from your damage dealers. They also mitigate damage themselves and tank damage for party members.
Requirements Wield a shield in your main hand.
  • Base damage reduction from shields increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Blocking damage reduction increased from 50% to 70%.
  • Health increased by 10 HP.
  • Getting hit as a Defender increases Saturation.
  • If you correctly time a block, you take 50% reduced damage.
  • Active Stance Swap: Defenders can rotate between multiple stances depending on the situation at hand.
    • Aggression Stance (Not Blocking, Not Sneaking)
      • Dealing damage increases aggro by 100.
      • All damage is dealt as true damage.
      • Attack Speed increased by 50% for yourself and 25% for all party members.
    • Charge Stance (Not Blocking, Sneaking)
      • Left-clicking performs a shield charge.
      • The charge deals 25% true damage.
      • Shield charge knocks up enemies, and suppresses them.
      • Aggro of nearby targets increases by 50.
      • 10% Additional damage reduction.
    • Block Stance (Blocking, Not Sneaking)
      • Each hit increases block stacks by 1. Stacks up to 10.
      • Builds up 2 Absorption Health per second.
      • Looking at a target increases aggro by 100.
      • 25% Additional damage reduction.
      • Block stacks are removed out of combat.
    • Tank Stance (Blocking, Sneaking)
      • 100% Knockback Resistance
      • When you have 1 or more block stacks, you will consume one to block an attack. Without stacks you take normal damage.
      • 50% Additional damage reduction
  • Wielding two shields increases damage reduction by 10% and knockback resistance by 50%, but reduces movement speed by 50% also
  • Active Ability - Mob Control: Press the drop key to Expend block charges to increase aggro. 16m range. Additionally, if looking at a target, it will be pulled towards you. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second per block charge spent. 10 second cooldown initially.
  • Active Ability - Rejuvenation: Can only be activated with 10 or more block stacks. Press the swap item key to restore 5% Health per second for 10 seconds. 30 second cooldown. Does not expend block charges.
Color Symbol: (D) Difficulty: Medium


Playstyle The sneaky and quick-to-move, quick-to-kill class. Slayers are swift to deal with their kills and do not remain in combat for long, vanishing back into the stealth to which they cannot be detected.
Requirements Must have a Bauble Pouch in the Slayer's off-hand and be wearing no armor.
  • Slayers take a maximum of 1 Heart (2 HP) in damage from all attacks, making this mode essentially 5 lives.
  • Slayers are not affected by any Health Recovery and Health Regeneration effects. This mode only heals from kills, being out of combat for 1 minute, using the Amulet's set effect, or sleeping. However, Absorption will still work for a Slayer. Absorption hearts just get removed with normal damage calculation rules.
  • Slayers can make use of up to 9 Baubles by placing them in their Bauble Pouch. Each Bauble adds a certain amount of stats to the Slayer, making them more efficient.
  • Whenever a Slayer kills a target, they recover 1 Heart (2 HP).
  • Slayers can Backstab targets by getting behind them and hitting them. A backstab does triple the normal damage of an attack.
  • Whenever a Slayer critically strikes, it suppresses a target for 0.75 seconds.
  • Slayers thrive in 1vs1 situations. If a target is completely alone, they will become Isolated. Isolated targets take 50% more damage from the Slayer. Slayer's Dodge Chance increases by 40% against isolated targets.
  • Passive Ability - Sneak: Slayers can enter Stealth mode by pressing and releasing Sneak quickly. Once in Stealth mode, Slayers will not leave stealth until they take damage or Sneak again. Stealth mode drains 1 Durability every second from tools on your hotbar.
    • While in Stealth mode, nothing will be able to detect you. Note this does not get rid of aggression from targets that have already aggro'd you.
  • Active Ability - Assassinate: Press the Drop key while looking at an enemy to perform an assassination: You jump directly behind the enemy, gaining 0.5 seconds of invulnerability.
    • If the next hit after Assassination is a killing blow, you gain a speed and strength buff. These buffs cap at Speed V and Strength X respectively and last 10 seconds.
    • Assassination cooldown is reset whenever a target is instantly killed after Assassination. You also get put back into stealth, preventing further detection from other monsters.
Color Symbol: (SL) Difficulty: Hard


Playstyle Barbarians will fight relentlessly until they see death, not stopping until either the enemy is dead, or the Barbarian is. They have no fear of fighting and can turn the tides of any battle. A smart Barbarian player can turn the worst of situations upside-down.
Requirements Wield an axe in both the main and off-hand.
  • Barbarians swing their off-hand by right-clicking.
  • Barbarians gain 2 HP (1 Heart) per 1% of Damage reduction.
  • When Barbarians are hit, they take damage as if they had 0% Damage reduction.
  • Barbarians do not instantly take full damage when hit. Instead, the HP is stored in a 'Damage Pool' and distributed every second.
    • If Barbarians have points in their 'Damage Pool', they will take up to 15 damage (+1% of their damage pool) every second.
    • Extra health from Lifestealing that is not used for healing your health will heal up your Damage Pool instead.
  • Barbarians instantly gain the Health from Lifesteal as HP.
  • Barbarians deal 20% more damage for every 20% of an enemy's missing health.
  • Barbarians gain Bonus Lifesteal stacks as they hit enemies. Each stack increases Lifesteal by 1%, up to a cap of 100% extra Lifesteal. The stacks refresh every hit, but wear off after 5 seconds.
  • When a monster is killed by a Barbarian, the amount of remaining damage in their Damage Pool is divided by 4.
  • Barbarians gain 70% knockback resistance.
  • Barbarians automatically consume Rotten Flesh and Spider Eyes that are picked up. Each one heals for 1% of their health. Rotten Flesh and Spider Eyes in a Barbarian's inventory will automatically be consumed as the Barbarian gets hungry.
  • Passive Ability - Leaping Strike: Barbarians that take fall damage deal triple the damage taken from the fall as damage to all enemies nearby. The range of this attack increases based on how fast the Barbarian falls.
  • Barbarians build up Weapon Charges in two ways: +1 Charge for attacking an enemy with the main hand weapon and +2 Charges for taking damage.
    • Active Ability - Power Swing: (Costs 10 Weapon Charges) Right-click a target to deal a charged attack with +100% Lifesteal and +100% Critical Strike Chance. Gives 10 Lifesteal stacks.
    • Active Ability - Forceful Strike: (Costs 30 Weapon Charges) Shift+Left-click to hit all enemies in a line in front of you, dealing double damage and suppressing them for 3 seconds.
    • Active Ability - Sweep Up: (Costs 30 Weapon Charges) Shift+Right-click performs a sweeping attack which knocks up and damages all enemies within a 4m radius of you. Doubles your Bonus Lifesteal stacks. Lifesteal effects are doubled during this attack.
    • Active Ability - Barbarian's Rage: (Costs 100 Weapon Charges Minimum, Consumes ALL Weapon Charges) Converts your missing health into Absorption Hearts and applies powerful buffs. This ability is stronger the more stacks consumed. Provides you with the following boons:
      • +1 Strength Level per 10 charges.
      • +1% Lifesteal per 2 charges.
      • Speed V
      • Barbarian's Rage duration: +1 second per 10 charges
      • Invulnerability time: +2 seconds per 100 charges
    • During Rage you gain double the number of Bonus Lifesteal stacks you would gain normally. You do not gain Weapon Charges during Barbarian's Rage.
  • Active Ability - Mock: Press the drop key to perform a Mock attack to all enemies near you. Affected enemies become aggro'd to the Barbarian for 15 seconds and receive 2 stacks of Weakness that lasts 15 seconds. This can stack up to Weakness VI. 20 second cooldown.
Color Symbol: (B) Difficulty: Hard