Survival Basics

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Survival Differences

As a newcomer to the server you are likely experienced with Vanilla Minecraft's Survival gameplay already. Listed below are some key differences to be aware of as you start exploring:

  • All the new 1.9 survival mechanics that were introduced were reverted to old Minecraft style. This means spam-clicking is back and being satiated restores some health over time instead of being based on saturation.
  • You will start in a small village called Creeper Hole Desert. Collect food there (Don't forget to replant!) and then begin exploring. If you manage to get a Minecart, you can use one of the abundant Rail Highway routes to get around major landmarks in the world.
  • When mining/digging into tunnels, be wary! As you venture deeper, the tier and difficulty of monsters increases.
  • You can perform a high jump on solid surfaces to launch yourself further upward. Just hold shift and then press the Jump key.
  • You will obtain gear as you kill mobs. Take advantage of the gear that drops in order to progress deeper and fight tougher foes! Be wary of upgraded monsters, they will be glowing a different color. Stay away from them until you have adequate gear and survivability to take them on!
  • The hierarchy of gear strength is a little different on this server:
    • Leather (+6% Damage Reduction)
    • Iron (+7% Damage Reduction)
    • Diamond (+8% Damage Reduction)
    • Gold (+10% Damage Reduction)
    • This means gold gear is better than Diamond, but is not very durable and requires high maintenance.
    • Hardened armor gives double the damage reduction bonus while Hardened weapons/tools deal double damage.
  • When adventuring in the Nether, the farther you get from the central Twoside hub, the more difficult encounters become.
  • You start your adventure with $100. Find a bank as soon as you can, because if you die while holding money, you lose half of it.
  • Minecart speed is 8x faster on this server.
  • The End is currently unidentifiable, and monsters will appear with cryptic name tags and seem to be very difficult to defeat. We have no way to deal with these monsters quickly for now.

Useful Commands

/craft - Learn about all the custom crafting recipes that exist on the server.

/dps - Turns on/off a DPS tracker to determine the different components of your damage.

/j - Learn about jobs. Join and leave jobs. Brings up a fully clickable help menu.

/money - View the amount of money you are holding and in your bank.

/stats <equip|all> [name] - Shows your stats. Use equip or all to view detailed info. Put a player's name for stats on that player.

/sit - Sits your character down and lets you restore health over time. Press shift to get back up.

/sit rename <name> - Renames the item you are currently holding. See Bukkit Colour Codes for valid color codes.

/options OR /settings - Allows you to change some personalized settings that display in the game.

/wp - Displays a waypoint link for players to click on. The waypoint link is compatible with the VoxelMap mod.

[] - Type brackets in chat to have the game display your currently held item to other players (they can mouse over it). You can also put letters in between the brackets to link different items. [1-9] for hotbar items. [e] for all equipment. [a] for all armor. [w] for weapons.